5 Romantic Beach Proposal Ideas

You have chosen a wedding ring Philippines and intend to give her a romantic proposal. There is no more romantic place than this beach. There are plenty of beaches to choose from between salty air, golden sand and waves, so consider spending an important moment in a romantic setting that you will never forget.

1. Hang lanterns by the road

Lanterns hang on the beach boardwalk at sunset to create a charming atmosphere. Your family will be happy, because these lanterns will continue to surprise them.

2. spell it out with sand

If you find yourself afraid to say it, write down "Do you want to marry me?" On the beach and make sure it is not affected by the tide. After writing down the sand, take your lover, walk freely, and let your words speak for you.

3. Put the ring in a beautiful shell

Drop the original velvet box and place the gem in the beautiful white shells found on the beach you are ready to raise. Make sure to find beautiful shells as souvenirs that you will cherish forever.

4. Write down and put into the bottle

This could be a classic beach suggestion. At the bottom of the sea, put the text you want to express into a bottle for your lover to find. This is your chance to write your ideas on paper. In addition, it will provide you and your partner with valuable souvenirs.

5. Make a badge expression

Another idea is to always plan ahead and place a handmade logo on the beach to simply show how much you love the prospective bride. Signs such as "You can be mine" or "Love you forever" are sure to make your lover shed tears of happiness while waiting.

She agreed to your suggestion, or you can choose a mens ring with her gemstones as a wedding ring and let them witness your love.

4 Ways to Make a Summer Wedding Comfortable

You are finally ready to get married, you have chosen the men's titanium cable rings, and you are planning your wedding. You want to attend a brilliant summer wedding. Therefore, you decide to hold weddings and receptions in the summer, but the summers can be very hot and humid, so keeping your guests comfortable is the number one priority. Listed below are 4 ways to create a comfortable summer wedding that can simply help guests beat the warmth and stay comfortable during the summer wedding.

1. Insecticide
On warm summer days, providing insecticide sprays to wedding guests just to protect them from pesky mosquitoes is a well thought out idea. Put a few bottles of insecticide spray on the table near the entrance to the wedding. Don't forget to add the cute handmade logo so that guests really see what it does.

2. Creative Toolbox
The bride can take out her old bedside table or makeup case, paint gorgeous coral powder on it to complement the marriage color scheme, and install protective equipment such as sprays, hand soap, sunscreen and paper towels. It is convenient for you to place it in the doorway or in a prominent place.

3. Umbrella and sunscreen
The parasol is near the table at the entrance of the venue, and paper fans and sunscreen are placed on the table for guests' use. Sunscreen can be packed in small packages or in delicate pouches.

4. Hat and sunglasses
Some couples use hats and sunglasses as sun protection tools to protect guests from bright sunlight.

If your wedding is held in a remote location, you must consider your needs, but it may not be found in an emergency. Prepare a welcome bag filled with essentials such as bottled water, sweet and tasty snacks, paper towels, band-aids, safety pins, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Maybe you won't decide on a wedding ring so soon, or maybe you can consider a sterling silver couple ring. The sterling silver ring will not rust and fade, as long as you wipe it with a cloth, it will be as clean as new.
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